Halong bay to Hanoi – day seventy four


Saying we went trekking is a lie. We went climbing. We had to climb the rocks and balance ourselves on really small surface areas to make sure we couldn’t continue moving up. There were som people in flip flops so I didn’t ever complain although I felt unsafe at times. 

When we reached the top we sat (and held on for dear life). It was a great view but I don’t think I would be going it again. You could see the bar we were on and the monkey beach where the monkeys played, swam and lived. 

Monkey island 

After climbing the island we went to the monkey island where we saw a few vicious monkeys. One took someone’s food from them. Another one chased a boy into the sea. 

Back to Hanoi 

The transfer took 2 hours. When we got back we chilled and went out for some drinks at the hostel rooftop bar. 


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