Phrong Nah to Ninh Binh – day seventy one

Today is a long drive. I don’t actually mind though because I am so exhausted from the rain and bad weather I’m happy to sit in the bus and watch house of cards. 


We went to the tunnels where the Vietnamese locals used to live when the war was happening. Inside was a school, maturity room, rooms for families and control rooms. These were different to the chi chi tunnels because they were a lot bigger. As it was light a lot better and there were hard,y any tourists I managed to walk all the way around. I felt really proud and fortunate that I had a second chance of facing a fear. 

Crossing boarder

The below image shows the divide between the north and the south. They have even painted half the bridge blue and half yellow. 

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is beautiful. I am upset we only have one evening here and not a full day. It reminds me a lot of yangshuo. This is where a lot of the scenery from King Kong is set. 

Me and Rachel tried to watch the sunset but the clouds were covering the backdrop so we decided to go on a bike ride.

We cycled to a pagoda which was impressive. You walked through the cave and then around to other levels where other sections were laid. Rachel explained there were different buddhas there for different reason. There was on called the god of the earth and one for the god of the area. 


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