Phong Nah – day seventy

Paradise cave

I have seen more caves and waterfalls in my travels than I expected to in my lifetime! I’m so bored of them and have such little interest in them I wanted this day to go as quickly as possible. Fortunately, I actually really enjoyed the cave.

It was a 2km trek in the jungle to get to the cave and then the cave was roughly another 1km inside. The cave was impressive because of the shapes which have been created overtime. The vastness of the cave was also pretty spectacular. It was humongous and had been light really well so you could see everything. In comparison to the dark water cave in Loas I really enjoyed this one. 

Washing my clothes 

The cave only took half a day so we had the afternoon as free time. I have become so paranoid about my bites that I have had all my clothes washed in a high heat and then tumble dried. The guys in our room (funnily enough, one of them I knew from the elephant conservation) said they looked like bed bugs so I have got everything washed in the hope it’ll get rid if any in my clothes…not that I saw any though.


Later in the evening we went fir a burger and then some drinks. It was nice to spend the evening with a different mix of people. I have spent nearly a week with Rachel and I feel like we struggle for conversation at times because we are with each other 34 hours of the day.


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