Hoi An – day sixty seven 


Looks like we brought the weather with us and it’s raining heavily again today. There’s not many optional indoor activities to do so me and Rachel decided to just grin and bear the weather and continue with our day.


I really wanted to get some stuff tailored but the place we went to last night was too expensive. I’m sure it was good quality but I didn’t want anything too nice or suit like. I wanted more casual stuff so me and Rachel head to the cloth market to find the shop which Nick, Toby and Phoebe went to. 

When we arrived we were given ice coffee and a magazine to look through to choose what we wanted. When deciding what front and back I wanted they sketched it out and took my measurements. When they were done they told us to come back at 3pm.

Old quarter

Most of the old quarter, street one and two were under water from the flooding. We therefore had to walk through the flooded roads to get to certain places but we couldn’t go any further than the Japanese bridge. 

Some of the buildings we saw were beautiful. They reminded me of the acheticure I saw in china. The reason why it is so similar is because Vietnam have a high Chinese population and they have a high influence into their culture and living spaces. 


We had egg coffee which was delicious. It tasted like a combination of marshmallow and cream, but it looked like a creambrule.

Silk worm 

We went to a silk gallery. This was really impressive and I really enjoyed watching the ladies work.
I wish I had space in my laggage and a bit more money because I would have bought a piece. They were so impressive and something I have never seen before. 

The silk worms were being held upstairs. You could see them in their trays creating the strands of silk. 


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