Bai Xep to Hoi An – day sixty six


This morning on our way to Hoi An we visited the My Lao Memorial. This was a museum which explained what happened when the massacre by the American troops landed. There was the grounds (which was too wet to walk through), a museum with information and a video of an American soldier who came back to the area and spoke one of the survivors. 

The video was chilling and the American soldier didn’t seem to have any sympathy for the lives that he killed. He couldn’t confirm whether or not he shot anyone and he refused to believe he killed civilians. He said ‘he was just following orders’. 

The photography upstairs was also very hard to look at because it was all real photos of dead bodies of innocent men, women and children. 


We seemed to have brought the rain with us to Hoi An and it is very flooded here. Despite the streets closest to the river being closed we battled on and decided to head out for a walking tour. 

On the way we stopped by a leather shop where Rachel had got her feet fitted for some shoes, and I bought some wallets for my dad and step dad and a clutch for my mums vouchers.

We then went for dinner, walking by many shops with lanterns and clothes displays. 

We managed to get as far as the famous Russian bridge but we could not cross it because of the flooding. 

As many people who live in the central areas of the old living quarters cannot work as they are flooded they were using boats to offer boat tours. This example just shows one way that Vietnamese people just get on with the lives and earn money when there face bad weather. 


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