Dalat to Bai Xep – day sixty four

Nha Trang 

This morning we headed to Nha Trang. On one of the stops we saw some kids and an adult trying to catch small fish on the edge of the river. The flooding is so bad here due to the typhoon. Normally the wet season would have passed by now but annoyingly it is still very bad weather, with wide river flow.


On our way into Nha Trang we had to drive through the local villages. This was such a surreal experience because of the typhoon and flooding they were experiencing. After seeing this is feel so lucky that we have minimal flooding in a Ironbridge and we have the barriers to protect our homes. Although these locals were used to the floods, as this happens annually during the wet season I couldn’t help but think about what affect this has had to their lives, jobs and shops. 

We were able to drive through the he flooding in the mini van because the engine is placed a lot higher than the models sold in Europe. The disadvantage to this was that we plowed through the water making waves which hit the stranded locals with their motorcycles. I felt dreadful for them as we were making them so wet. 

Nha trang 

I am glad we only had to stay in Nha Trang for lunch because I didn’t get a very good vibe from here. A lot of other travellers have said it’s full with Russians and they were right. I have nothing against Russians but the population was either Vietnamese or Russians, and it felt like more Russians than locals! 

For some reason I have felt like this place and Dalat remind me of a ski resort area, maybe like in France. I think this is due to the combination of rain and the arkitecture, and possibly the food. In Dalat there is a high French population, with French food and articeture insfluence. The food was therefore orientated around baguettes and warm soups. As it is also fairly cold I assume this is why I relate this atmosphere to skiing. 

Bai xep 

The is a secluded town on the edge of the beach. Since the hostel we are staying at ‘The Haven’ was built the tourists have slowly started to come here. That’s not to say the tourist population is high however because it is definitely,he not. There are only two main hostels here which limits the travellers to around 20 people at a time. 

Unfortunately for us the weather was rubbish and it was chucking it down with rain. We therefore rushed into the hostel and went to bed straight away because we were cold and wet. 


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