Dalat – day sixty three


This was so much fun and was one of my highlights of this whole trip so far. Thank goddness because it is one of the most expensive activities I’ve had to pay for. 

We started with abseiling a waterfall. That was fun. At the bottom we had to let go of the rope and fall into the water. 

Zip wiring 

The second waterfall we did was a combination of abseiling and zipwiring. We walked down the first section and then when the zip wire was so tight we let go of the abseiling rope and grabbed onto the top zip wire rope. 


The third section (after trekking) was abseiling again. This one was a lot more terrifying however because we had to abseil down the waterfall where the water was falling. At some points you couldn’t see or hear anything so when the guide is shouting for you to move left or right it’s really hard to understand. 

The most terrifying bit was the end where the rock curved in further than 180 degrees so we had to let go and jump back. It winded me quite a bit but the thrill of it overpowered the pain. 

Water slide 

After this we went to a small water slide section. The first time hurt bpmy back because the harness wasn’t in the right place but the second time it was repositioned and it then seemed more fun. 

At times I felt like I was going to chicken out but then I realised there was no need to. Just push yourself and do it. 

Cliff jumping

We had the option to jump from 7metre or 11metre. We all had to do the 7 metre first. This was such a thrill and I really liked the butterfly feeling you get when you jump off, however I was unable to jump on my countdown. I had to prepare myself and do it in my own time. 

As the weather was wet and rainy I didn’t trust myself with the 11metre. On this one you had to run and jump to avoid hitting the rocks in front. I didn’t trust my clumsy self so I opted to just redo the 7metre jump.

Washing machine

Ok so the final one was the washing machine. They say this is the scariest one but I actually don’t agree. I thought the second waterfall was the scariest. My logic is that where the water fell on you here, and you were unable to hear or see anyone due to the waterfall you only needed to drop yourself by gravity. On the other one you had to abseil and then jump whereas this one when the stone curved further than 180 degrees you just need pedi to feed the rope through so you fell slowly into the water. 



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