Ho Chi Minh to Dalat – day sixty two


We head off from Ho Chi Minh and stopped off for the toilet and lunch on the way. Everyone raves about Vietnamese food and I guide said that the lunch stop was his favourite place for noodles. I had beef and it was, like the guide said, bloody delicious. 

Waterfall and ride 

We arrived at Datanla waterfall at 2pm. Here we went to see the two sections of the waterfall. We could also pay £2 to go down a rollercoaster-like ride to get there. It reminded me of the ones you see in Switzerland. My problem was that when I was half way down my trousers were flapping onto the track and they got caught. I then had to rip my trousers to free myself but it didn’t set me free. I held up loads of South Korean people and one of them even tried to get out their seat to help me. I screamed for the, to stay out as I didn’t want a Vietnamese episode of the Alton towers accident to happen. Once I got to the bottom I realised how ridiculous I looked. I had one ripped short side and the other leg normal. The security guard looked concerned and asked if I was ok. I said yes and we laughed, he then returned to me with some scissors and started hacking at the normal length side to even them out. 


I really enjoyed the market at night. I think this was because our main purpose was for food. We had what is called a ‘Dalat pizza’. It is rice paper with sauce such as chilli sauce, dareali dunker cheese and maynoise with sausage. 

It was tasty but I thought the rice paper made it a bit tough and dry. The pizza was cooked on a coal bowl and she wrapped the pizza in used notebook paper. 

We then went for some meat on a BBQ. I venture out of my ‘just chicken meat diet’ and had pork and beef. I surprise myself and really enjoyed a beef wrapped in bamboo stick. It was so tasty. The quail eggs were also really good. 

After this we had desert. I opted for a pineapple cake, which was mediocre and a hot drink. The drink was corn and peanut. The was bloody incredible. The other options were black bean or sky milk. They put a large teaspoon of sugar in and then poured the hot liquid into the cup. It was so warmed and delicious. I definitely want to make sure I have this again. It was really ideal considering how cold and wet it was. 


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