Ho Chi Minh City – day sixty one

Chu Chi Tunnels

We had to get up pretty early for this because it was a 2 hour drive away from the city centre. 

Here we walked around the area where the Vietnamese would hide from the Americans during the war. Our guide showed us some of the weapons they used to kills and trap the oppositions with. 

This was something they would throw.

These examples demonstrated some of the floor traps they made. I couldn’t believe how basic but effective some of these were. All of them rotated so that they would fall in. Some of the traps would kill you instantly and then others would just badly injure your legs so you can’t escape after being caught. 

This is the entrance to one of the tunnels. As you can tell they are tiny.

This is another example of one of the traps.

This is one of the escape holes. This doesn’t lead to a tunnel but this is somewhere they could hide if they saw the opposition come. It was so tiny I didn’t think I would be able to get my bum down. 

I didn’t want to put the lid on because I would have panicked but it was good fun going down and experiencing how tight and small the hole was. I can’t imagine how scared the vietnamese would have felt hiding in there.

I didn’t have the guts to do the actual tunnels because I was so scared. You were able to do a 20 metre crawl, 40m, 100m 120m or 140m. The issue for me was that people were going in a line and stopping to take pictures. I really wanted to push myself and do it but if I had done it I would have wanted to go through really quickly. As I couldn’t balls up and do it I just do the example tunnel to show what it would have looked like. 

The tunnels the tourists could walk through were actually enlargened and made wider than the real ones.

After the tunnels we had tapioca. I had never had this before but it was dl ivious, especially with the sugar and peanuts.

War museum 

After the tunnels I head to the war museum. I was actually disappointed because I wasn’t sure about the basics of the war and the museum didn’t really explain too much. I wish I had done more research before I had gone. 

The information was really biased.

Coffee shop

One of the girls in my dorm knew someone who owned a coffee shop. We went to visit her and had some Vietnamese coffee, rice wine and tea. The Vietnamese coffee was really strong but had a sweet taste at the end. The rice wine was drunk in shot glasses as it was very strong, we had apricot flavour and artichoke flavour, I surprisingly preferred the artichoke one. The tea was also delicious, it was sweet but still green tea like.

With this we had slices of cucumber with what was like a combination of rave granules and salt. It had a kick at the end of it but it was so delcious and morish.


We were so tired by the end of the day we went to the main bar strip to get some food and then we retired for bed. I had Netflix downloaded so we chose the notebook.


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