Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City – day sixty


I wasn’t looking forward to the drive today but I was happy to be leaving Phrom Penh. The bus I was on was meant to be VIP but it really wasn’t. This was my view…

The one plus to it was that it had wifi, although it was really slow. 

Crossing the boarder was pretty simple so that didn’t take up much time. When we had crossed it said we were only 70miles away and so we thought it would only take us half an hour to reach the hostel. However, due to the congestion of traffic it took triple this amount of time. 

Arriving at hostel

When I arrived in the hostel I met some really nice, friendly people. They said they were going to go on the bar crawl and so I pulled myself together and decided to do the same. I didn’t get my phone out to get photos as I know you are an easy target for theft when you are drunk and have it out obviously. I therefore didn’t drink that much either. I had a nice night though and went to bed around 2am.


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