Phnom Penh – day fifty nine


Me and the Norwegian girl said we would head to the palace to begin our day as they close for lunch time which means it could only be a morning or late afternoon activity. When we arrived we were not allowed in because we were not dressed appropriately and so we therefore had to skip this and go straight to the museum. 

National museum 

The museum was nice enough. I wish I had been hear and had these artistic inspiration and influence back when I was doing my GCSE and A-Level art. It really got me thinking about how much I miss being creative and creative ceramics, oil painting etcs. 

The museum was laid out in sections. There was a stone carving section from the Temples in Siem Reap. There were also ceramics from the late 12th century. 

After analysing many of the pieces I realised that I took a particular interest and liking to all of the items and pieces which were highly and intricately decorated. 

Russian market

We then head to the Russian market which is meant to be a really big market which has absolutely everything in. It definitely lived up to what was said as we were so flustered with all the options and categories of items. 

Central market 

The Norwegian girl left to get her bus back to Bangkok at midday so I decided to go to the post office to send some Christmas presents back and then I head to the other market they have. I preferred this market in terms of practical stuff. This market was more impressive in terms of knock off brands. There were merchandised shoes, clothes, headphones etc, whereas the other market had more souvenirs. 

Fresh noodles 

For dinner I went to a noodle bar where they freshly prepared the noodles in front of you. It was a nice and cheap experience. 


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