Koh Tunsay to Phnom Penh – day fifty eight

Bye bye rabbit island 

I was sad to say goodbye to the rabbit island but I was happy to get back to civilisation and contact home. We went directly to the killing fields. 

Killing fields 

This was a really horrid place but something that has to be done when visiting Phnom Penh. 

The killing fields are what’s explained in the name, the fields where the Red Khmer killed innocent Cambodian people. The leader Pol Pots of the Red Khmer wanted to be in full control of the country and he decided that everyone should be farmers. If he thought anyone was clever (for example if they wore glasses), would try to revolt he killed them. To ensure there was no rebellion he killed all of the family rather than just individuals. He killed over 2 million people. 

These innocent people were captured and told they were being relocated. It instead they were taken to the killing fields where they brutally killed them. In some cases they were killed the day there and then but others were made to lay in the crowded, dark shed and killed he next day. 

To get around the area I had an audio player which went through each area. I went past many pits where hundreds of skulls and body parts were found. 
I went past the killing tree. This is where they used to smash and beat children against the tree and then throw them into a pit nearby. 

There was another tree where they hung speakers from the branches. They would play loud music so that it would drown out the noise of the innocent people screaming. 

The killing fields was not a known area to the world. Swedish tourists came to visit and pol pots made their trip splendid so when the Swedish went back to their own country they could confirm genoside wasn’t going on. 

The final point of the field was the memorial pillar. This had 9 layers of body parts. When it rains more and more bones are found. 

S21 prison 

This was in the centre of Phrom Penh. Here is where they captured celebrities and anyone who looked suspicious so they could question and torture them. They did horrid things such as pull their nails out, made them write confession into a book (which most would make up stuff to avoid being hurt more).

In this area they also had cells. These were tiny and were either made front brick or wood. 

To prove how crowded and populated the city is they haven’t actually sectioned off the whole s21 area. They have kept the centre but the surrounding areas have been used by the public to build houses. 

Phrom Penh 

It has been a really depressing day, it’s raining and the hostel wasn’t such a delight to walk into because the beds weren’t made. So first impressions aren’t great. 


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