Kampot to Koh Tunsay – day fifty seven

Morning Market

I think this is a great example of what is different between planning the trip and locations yourself and allowing someone else like stray for example do it for you… I had no idea where/what/why we were going where we were. 

I wasn’t feeling well and my stomach felt really rotten. I’m still not sure what was wrong with me but I think I must have had food poisoning from maybe the shake I had before bed. I had the shits really bad to say the least. 

With this aside, we only travelled for half an hour to get to a market in the near by city.

This is where we were able to try durian. The only way I can describe it was a mixture between mango and onion. 

The market sold fish, fruit and souvenirs. The sea life was still really fresh. Our guide said the husbands would go out at night to fish and the women would sell in the morning. To ensure maximum freshness they would keep their catches in a basket on the edge of the sea. 
Rabbit island 

We got a small private boat owned by a local over to the island. It took 30 minutes, a tad choppy but bearable. 

The island was so tranquil and chilled. The rooms were sandy and not in the best condition but doable for one night. The toilet was a squat and the shower was questionable… it was a large bucket of water with a saucepan to chuck water onto yourself. There was also no service, signal or wifi. Despite the drawbacks the view was beautiful and the locals were so friendly. 
We laid in the sun for many hours but I couldn’t handle the heat so I retreated under the shade on a hammock. 

After going on a short walk around the island we retreated back to the main area to watch sunset. It was beautiful. 


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