Sihanoukville to Kampot – day fifty six

Short drive

Today was a short drive and so we had half a day in Kampot to explore the town. We had three options but we immediately took out kayaking from our choices because we didn’t want to do that. 

We decided on getting a tuctuc which drove us around the town to explore. 


This was such a great way to get around the town and explore the ins and outs of the place. 

Our driver took us through some really muddy lanes we wouldn’t have been able to walk down which gave us an insight into the way people lived here in Kampot. 
After leaving the built up centre a lot of the houses looked similar to the places we had been staying during our homestay. All the houses were in rural areas, with more children than adults and their houses were on stilts. 
Our driver stopped occasionally to show us certain things. The first stop was at a durian tree. I haven’t had chance to try one yet but I know they are very expensive because they are difficult to farm. 

Pepper farm

We then went to a pepper farm. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I didn’t know how pepper was grown, but now I do. Pepper is grown from the ground and I think it looks similar to a lavender but in a green form. 

The farm also grew other things such as passion fruits, pineapples and durian. 
The pepper farm made two different types of pepper. I can’t actually remember what the second pepper was but this is how the other kind is grown…

Salt farm 

On our way back to the centre we went through a salt fame. All the salt had been harvested this year but you could visualise Joe the salt would have been formed and harvested. 


When we got back we went for a walk through the town. Our guide showed us the river and the French bridge. It was very beautiful. 


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