Sihanoukville- day fifty five

Koh Rong 

I woke at 9am and head out around 9.40am. Annoyingly the boats weren’t running until 11a, which meant I wasn’t going to get a full day there, or stay late to see the plankton. For that reason Morgan decided she would go tomorrow instead of today and have a full day. As it was my only chance to go today I decided to do it along…it was a great decision . 

The speed boat there wasn’t great and I felt a little ill. Upon arrival I booked my ticket back and then head to the beach. I bumped into three people who welcomed me to join them for lunch. They had only arrived today as well but they were staying a few nights. I wasn’t feeling too well so head to the toilet where I then had diarrhoea. After flushing it out of my bodyI felt and I definitely felt like my stomach had become flatter and less bloated. Hurray. During lunch I got to know these guys really well and one of them knew my friend from university- what a small world! 

We ended up staying on the beach next to the pier all day. There were other beaches you could go to, for example the famous ‘long beach’ which is 7km long, but this was on the other side of the island and I didn’t have time to go over there. 

We sunbathed, chatted and did a bit of weed. It was really chilled, and the company was brilliant. I felt sad to leave these guys because they were SO nice. I’ve got them on social media and hope to keep in touch in case we cross paths again. 

I got the speed boat back at 4.30pm and arrived back at the hostel for around 7pm. Morgan, bless her, was worried about me because she thought I’d be back around 5pm. When I got to the hostel she was just about the leave to go to the boat office to see what was happening. I rely appreciated her concern and today had taught me how easy it is to make and meet such nice people. I have also taken her facebook and I hope to meet her in Phrong Phen where we will do the killing fields and S21 prison together. 


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