Battambang to Sihnoukville – day fifty four

6am wake up

We had an early start to enable us to get to sihnoukville before sunset. It was a really tedious 10 hour drive but because there were only three of us were were able to have a row of seats each to lie down, grab some zzz and listen to music or audiobook (I’m currently listening to ‘The Prostate Years’)

I didn’t look out the window that often but the sunrise was pretty beautiful. Along our way we saw a road accident and there was someone laid down on the road. The roads aren’t in the best condition and so it’s quite dangerous to drive, especially with scooters around. Our tour guide told us that’s why so many accidents happen a day. 

We took a short cut at one stage of the journey which apparently cut two hours. The short cut was however down a dirt track with horrifically bad pot holes. This meant we had to drive really slowly. They were redoing one section of the path which meant we thought we would have to turn around as the road was literally in ruins, with a massive tractor in the middle. Our skilled driver had to minouvour us around the wooden houses on stilts. All the locals came out to watch as they didn’t believe he would be able to do it. I think our driver was determined though because we had already been on this track for 40 minutes and turning around would have added an awful amount of time. He somehow managed it though, hats off to him! 


When arriving in the town we walked down to the beach and checked out the area. I decided I didn’t want to spend my evening with the guide and the couple so said I would head back to my hostel for a shower. I’m really glad I made that decision because I met the three other people in my dorm who were welcoming and offered me to go out with them that night. Although I was tired I was really up for socialising so took a cold shower and started to drink. 

The night was fun and I ended up stayed out with Morgan and Amy until 2am! Time flew by. I didn’t want to be too hungover for tomorrow though because I planned to do a day trip with Morgan to Koh Rong. 

Christmas tree

My family from my dads side also face timed me to put the star up on the tree. It made me miss home quite a lot but fortunately because it doesn’t feel like Christmas I don’t get reminded of not being with my family constantly. 


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