Siem Reap to Battambang – day fifty three

New Stray group

I had a really nice day in Siem Reap and could have easily spent another full day there but due to my Vietnamese visa I need to keep moving. This meant I was the only only from my old bus group continuing on. I didn’t mind though because it meant I would meet more people. Unfortunately, there was only two other people who hopped on and they were a couple who were in their mid 40s. They were nice enough though. 

The drive to the next location was only 4 hours long but I filled my time meticulously planning the logistics of my journey from Hanoi to the islands. Financially and time wise it makes sence to fly but that means I can only land in Phuket, Krabi or Samui. The cheapest option was Phuket so that’s the one I went for. I’m still hoping Kirsty will join me for New Years so for now there’s only so much I can book before deciding which islands I want to go to. 


We walked around the town for half an hour to get a feel for the place. It surprised me how big it was, but it made sense after the guide told us it used to be the old capital province of the country. 

Bamboo train 

One of the main attractions in the area is the bamboo train. I was expecting a massive stea, train made of bamboo but it turned out to be more like a manic carpet with a motor on the back. It was cute enough though and I enjoyed the ride. In the past it was used for transporting cattle, materials etc from town to town. Now it is just used for tourism. It is only one track so whenever you have someone coming the oppostie directions the person with the least amount of people on have to hop off and move their bamboo carriage. I can’t imagine what hassle that would have been like if it were live cattle! 

School at the homestay 

Tonight we are in a homestay just outside Battambang in a local village. We went into the local school where the children were so welcoming and spoke phrases of English. “Where are you from”, “what is your name”, “how old”.

One of the girls took my hand and pulled me into her classroom where she showed me a song she had been learning. My heart melted for them. As the population is growing rapidly there are far more children than adults. To deal with this situation they have to split school up, some children go in the morning, the others go in the afternoon.

Dinner and bed 

We were all exhausted and decided due to the long drive to,or row we would get up early and have an early nights sleep. The mum of the household made us dinner. It was really tasty, but I was a little sad the family didn’t eat with us. 


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