Don det to Siem Reap – day fifty one


Today I had to say goodbye to Coral and to Ellie. Coral was leaving us to head to the islands where she will meet her Dad (who is surprising her), and Ellie is dropping off in Don Det so she can rest her foot. As I don’t have time to hop off again because of my time limit on my visa I will never have chance for them to catch up with me again. It was sad to say goodbye to Coral because I had been with her ever since the elephant nature park. She had become my travelling companion and comfort blanket. I saw myself in her a lot and I think it helped me reflect on how much I have matured over the past four years when I compared her against myself in certain situations. For example if he order was wrong she would get really flustered and slightly stroppy. She would then take it out on the waiter who wouldn’t be able to speak English and then become really patronising. I would normally step in because I found these situations really uncomfortable and awkward. I believe I’ve matured and become more comfortable in situations where I do not get what I want. I would normally get stroppy or annoyed but now I try to accepted this is something which is out of my control and so the only thing I can do to change this is by helping them understand. This isn’t just with customer service however. I’ve noticed this difference between us in other situations. For example when she is tired so is grumpy and reflects her mood onto everyone else, where I now try to either brush my tiredness off and smile, or just stay quiet and accepting. Again, she would be really rude to another group member if they were talking rubbish, whereas I would just allow them to matter on if they were wanting someone to listen.

Boarder control 

We crossed the boarder near Don Det. It was a simple and easy process. I have become fairly used to the routine, and know my passport number, expiration date etc off my heart so I can practically fill in these forms with my eyes shut. After handing out passports in we walked into no mans land with our big rucksakes and then hopped onto outle new bus. A boarder control man then came over on his scooter, handing us our passports back, which had been stamped and printed on.

Pub street 

On arrival of Siem Reap we dropped our bags and then head straight out to grab some dinner. The city was really nice and kind of felt like any other western city as soon as you got into the centre of it. The main food area which has flocks of tourists, with restaurants and bars side by side is in an area called ‘pub street’. 


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