Xe Champhone to Pakse – day fourty nine

Today its corals birthday. Fortunately for her our travel isn’t too long and we get to go to a beautiful waterfall. The drive has been smoother than most so we were fortunate to get some sleep. 


Before talking about the waterfall I want to talk about the toilets there. You know you’re a real backpacker when you have to discuss a clean toilet. It was immatpculate. I’d give it a rating of 10/10. I’m not kidding! The floors were white, not splashes on the floor, they provided slip on shoes, the cubical were all full with toilet roll and hand wash. It was great. 

Anyway the waterfall we went to wash called Tad Yeuang waterfall. The only way of getting down was to go down the stairs in front of it. This made it very challenging due to wearing sandals and walking on mud cut out stairs. 

The light shone on it to created a rainbow at the bottom left hand side. Our guide said we could swim if we wanted to at the bottom but the pool of water looked so choppy I couldn’t see the enjoyment I’d get from hopping into the water…so I didn’t.


Instead, I went back to the top where two of the girls were. They had found themselves a nice sunbathing area. A man near us, strangely, had a pet monkey. He couldn’t speak much English to explain why he had it or it’s name etc but he happily sat by the stream whilst we took pictures. 

Food and cocktails

For dinner we went out for a curry. We then had birthday cake and cocktails. We kept telling the waiter it was Corals birthday so they allowed us all to have one free cocktail with one paid one. What a deal! 

Stray and Bamba

Although today has been a nice day with regards to Coral being happy on her birthday I have struggled to not allow my Stray and STA situation to effect me. It has now been over a week since confirming I would go with stray and cancel my Bamba pass, but I am still unable to access my pass which means I cannot guarantee myself a space on the bus through Cambodia and Vietnam. I have emailed countless times and gotten really upset on FaceTime to my mum and dad but there’s not much more I can do. I decided that enough was enough though and I needed action, otherwise I could be stranded in Don Det. I emailed Jemma from complaints again and hoped I would get a response by morning. 


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