Kong Lor to Tha Khek – day fourty seven 

Kong Lor

I was sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful deserted place, but when I received the bill I was then reminded of how expensive everything was because we were so far away from anywhere else. We left at 10pm and drove for most of the day. 
Travelling boredom 

I’ve been on the road for nearly 50 days and although I’m constantly moving to different places I have only just started feeling negatively about it. I think the reason being is that each day we travel we spend the majority of the day on the bus. There’s little conversation, no exercise, nothing. Just sitting and waiting. This feeling also contributes to my excitement for Cambodia. I think I’m ready to move on to somewhere a bit different now and somewhere that doesn’t take so long to get to each place. We touched a lot of ground this week so I hope when I get to Cambodia it will give me a bit more time to venture around after the drive. 


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