Kong Lor – day fourty six

Tham Kong Lo Cave 

This is in a national park in the middle of Loas. It is 7.5km long and around 100m high. It’s very dark and so flash lights are needed to see where to boat is going. 

The cave is full of water so we took a long wooden boat driven by a local through the cave. I’ve now been to dozens of caves and I am getting pretty bored of them, however this is one of the largest in the world and had a creepy feel to it because it was so dark and mysterious.

On the other end of the cave was a bundle of people selling drinks, food and woven scarves. They were beautiful and I would have bought one if I wasn’t told to keep my money in the locker at the beginning of the ride. 

When we got back we went for a dip in the water. I’m glad Sophie was with me at that time because normally I would pass on the swimming because I’d be cold and it would take ages for me to dry but in fact it took hardly any time to dry and the water was warm and soothing. Definitely the highlight of the day because of how beautiful the scenery was around the water. 

Local party 

At night we were told a local party was happening in the near by town. It was around 5km away from where we were so we took the bus. They do this celebration every year. It is the concept as thanks giving, however it is a thanking of the rice harvest which they gather. 

It had the same feel as my primary school locale fair. There was a stage with booming music, a live singer and a keyboard which played various tunes. There were also stalls of games, such as dart with balloons, and a gambling game layed out on the floor. 


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