Vientiane to Kong Lor – day fourty five


Yet another travelling day. Luckily I had a massive FaceTime and watsapp conversation with my dad the night before so I was fortunate enough to have downloaded some audio books for my journey. I listened to ‘The Rosie Project’ and managed to finish it in two days. It is about a man who has OCD, autism and a personality disorder. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it opens your eyes to how autistic people think and why they act in certain ways. 

We only stopped every two hours but the second was at a view point. It was a lovely view, which showed the beautiful mountainous rocks. 


Lunch reminded me of a place we stopped off at in China when we had reached Xi’an after the night train. It was a local, authentic place on the side of the road. Extremely cheap, yet extremely homemade and tasty. I opted for noodle soup.


Tonight and tomorrow we stay in a beautiful resort in the middle of nowhere, named the Riverside Resort. The individual rooms are in huts which are made from beautiful pieces of wood. It takes me back to when we were in a tree house in South Africa. We are close to the river and the wifi area and eating area has a view over looking to river. It’s so peaceful and such a nice change to the loud, popular, dusty hostels.

The atmosphere is so peaceful. There was even a campfire where we played a few games. It made me think of iron ridge and the outdoor chimney we would light to keep ourselves warm. 


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