Vang Vieng to Vientiane – day fourty four


Today is a travel day by we have many stops along the way. The first pit stop was a famous cave called Tham Jane Cave.  Thought it was just going to be like every other cave we have been to but actually it was a lot bigger and kind of a combination of the cave we saw in China (with the mud bath and hot springs) and the caves we have been seeing Thailand. 

They had beautiful sea shapes on the ground and sparkly stones. 

Cope museum

This was a similar museum to the UXO museum I went to Luang Prabang. It was still interesting but we had similar information. 

Golden stoople 

This has just been painted because of the festival hey had a week ago. It was so golden it was actually hard to look at. This is known to be one of the most sacride place. It is also on one of the bank notes. 
Victory Gate

This gate felt really familiar. It was similar to the one I have seen in Germany, same decoration as the London gate and apparently there is one in France. It was really beautiful and the inside was so delicately decorated, with beautiful colours and levels. 
Night market

The Vientiane market is again different to the any other. Armed that I have been to because this market is know for the locals. Our Stray guide said th clothes area lot more traditional and plain, rather than touristy and traveller style. This was great news because I really need some plain vests and tops. 


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