Vang Vieng – day fourty three

Blue lagoon

Today we were really hungover and I felt really rubbish so we decided to have a lie in and then venture out late lunch time. There was a blue lagoon which everyone had been talking about so we decided to give that a go. It was a tiny bit disappointing when we got there because it was right next to the car park and didn’t have a very natural feel to it.

It was still enjoyable however, and the swimming was nice. 

Friends bar 

We decided to head back to the friends bar and have a chilled evening. This place feel like a safety blanket for me. ever since leaving the UK I have been really against going anywhere western. Although I still refuse to have pasta, pizza or a burger, I have started to allow myself to seek and gain comfort from the highly uk populated restuarant. Every now and then it’s nice to get a bit normality back into the day and so going here when we couldn’t be bothered to play a game or chat too each other was a good idea. 


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