Vang Vieng- fourty two


When in Vang Vieng, Laos…

If you haven’t tuned in the river you haven’t been to Vang Vieng. Well that’s what I’ve heard people say. In 2010 it started to become popular and then it got so wild they had to close it in 2014. Once I had tubed I understood how dangerous it was. The concept was easy, you float on the river until you get to a bar. You then hop off drink, get back on your tube and repeat. People were getting so drunk that over 20 people had died from either smashing into the rocks, drowning, hitting the bank from the rope swings etc. 

Since they reopened they have given the locals a limit to two bars a turn on a tour guide. This was sufficient for us however as we arrived during the heat of the day and so we didn’t want to get too dehydrated. 

The first bar was pretty small but doable. The second a lot more fun. The platform was a lot bigger and further away from the river. They then had a zip wire which you landed into the river and a mud volleyball court behind. Would definitely recommend doing tubing. It’s not as crazy as what I’ve heard it was in the past but I still really enjoyed the experience. 

Night out at Sukura bar 

We had been told by the hostel receptionist that the Sukura bar gave out free drinks from 8-9pm. We decided that would be a great idea, although we knew the drinks would be watered down it would at least give us a start to getting drunk. 

We ended up bumping into some of the guys we had met in Luang Prabang so I spent the majority of my night with them. 

I also met a guy who looked just like my friend Ryan. Being drunk I obviously asked him for a photo. 


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