Vang Vieng – day fourty one


Today me and Coral went on the Mekong river and had a da of kayaking. It was so much fun. When travelling you don’t realise how much you walk so when you do a different type of activity which allows you to see the sights it becomes so much more fun and exciting. I’m surprised at how well we did. We aren’t quite sure why we hadn’t put ourselves into the olympics, we’d have definitely got a medal! 


The tour company we went with also offered a tubing experience within a cave. I was nervous as I’m not great with small, dark spaces but I thought it was an experience I couldn’t miss. 

The lunch was very tradition. Rice wrapped in bamboo and chicken and vegetables on a skewer with lots of chilli sauce.

Friends bar 

We were absolutely shattered by the time we got back so we decided to have a quiet night in. We had seen a friends bar which played episode upon episode of friends. The tables were layed out so you could eat food whilst having bent legs but then you could also lie so you are watching the programme. It was a great experience. 

On the way back

We ended up in a bar called Sakura. It had free alcohol from 8-9pm so we decided to play a bit of ping pong (my team won) and then head back to the hostel.


Of course after any drink I like to FaceTime and so this night I chose my friend Richard. 


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