Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng – day fourty


Before leaving Luang Prabang we were told to grab some food for our journey as we had a long trip ahead. As the French used to own loas they have had a lot of imfluence on what they eat and sell. Our tour guide told us we would have missed out if we didn’t go to this local bakery for breakfast so we made sure we didn’t miss out. I was SO pleased with my choice. It was ridiculous. I chose a chocolate croissant, but it wasn’t just any chocolate crossiant. The chocolate was so delicate and the ratio of chocolate to pastry was just right. Um um ummmmm! 


The ride was 8 hours long so we didn’t stop to take any picture. When we arrived at our hostel we decided a mixed dorm wasn’t for us. We were staying there for 4 nights and the first guy who had entered was really smelly. We decided to fake cry and try get a discount to a private room. It worked pretty well and somehow we managed it. 


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