Chiang Mai – day thirty five

Grand Canyon 

Today we had time for a lie in. We woke up for 9.30am and then paced up and moved hostels. 

We then went for breakfast at a cute cafe and then got a taxi to the Grand Canyon. It is around a 45 minute drive from the centre of Chiang Mai so taxi drivers take you, wait for you and then drop you back off when you have finished. We only payed our driver 150 each so our driver was only getting less than £10. Fortunately for him we didn’t plan to stay long. 

When we got there we took in the scenery and then head down to the water. 

The water was SO nice. It is so warm and calm. As we had to wear life jackets we moved them around so that we could use them as a seat. 

Lantern festival 

Once we got back from the Grand Canyon we showered and head out to the Loy Krathon Chiang Mai festival. This is the lantern festival I have been raving about at home for ages. Although we couldn’t go to the Jo Mea college event there was still a lot going on in the city during the evening of today, yesterday and tomorrow. 

Sukhothai was such an amazing experience I felt let down when we arrived here. It was so crowded and very unorganised, the opposite to Sukhothai. We enjoyed watched some lanterns being released onto the river but after five minutes we couldn’t manage anymore and head to the end of the bridge.

Rooftop bar

As it was our last night together, the three of us (the elephant girls) we decided to go to a rooftop bar. We found a well hidden away one which had a really chilled, houses vibe. It was sad to say goodbye to Dani as I probably won’t see her again until we are back in the UK but it was a great send off for her and me and Coral. 


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