Chiang Mai – day thirty four

Today I was meant to go on a trek. It was an included activity with my package I have bought. I decided I didn’t want to go though because I had just been rejoined with the elephant girls and I have lost hope I’m trying to meet people through Bamba. I may have met other travellers but the likelihood of them going a similar route to me, being a similar age and similar interests are pretty low. 

Cooking class

Instead the three of us went to a cooking class in a place called Mama Noi Thai Cooking Class. The location was incredibly beautiful. 

The class was equally as a good as the location and setting. We first went to the market to see what food there was around. Our tutor showed us the ingredients we would be using and how to check whether it’s ripe or not. 

When we arrived we got straight into cooking. We started with a spring roll. It was a lot easier than I expected but we didn’t make the pastry roll. I’m not sure if you can but this ready made in the U.K. or not but I’ll definitely look because it would be nice to pack it with whatever I want rather than buy pre made stuff. 

We then chose from a variety of foods what we would like to cook.

I decided to make a papaya salad. Or was really tasty. You can replace the green papaya wi greem mango or apple. 

I then chose a coconut chicken soup. I didn’t want something too spicy so sour and sweet wasn’t an option, nor was the spicy shrimp soup. 

I chose pad Thai as my main dish because it’s traditional here. I know it’s easy to make and I used to make it at uni but I was intregued to know what extras they added and the techniques they used. 

I chose the pasanda curry instead of the green curry because out tutor told us the green curry is fairly spicy (even though you can cater to your own tastebuds), and it had a lot of fennel in (which I despise the taste of). 

We then made a ice Thai tea which was delicious. It was so refreshing and tasty. Very sweet but really yummy. 

We finally ended with mango sticky rice. Everyone raves about it here, and I must admit I was a little disappointed as I had my hopes up but it was still yummy, just not as yummy as what everyone had described.


When we got back to the hostel we all crashed. It was a food overload so we all felt super sleepy as soon as we hit our beds. 


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