Sukhothai to Chiang Mai- day thirty three

Bus journey 

After having breakfast I waited in the lobby for my transfer. I had sent an angry email to Bamba last night so the man arrived on time, with 50 baht to repay my taxi fare I had to pay for. It was in fact 80baht but because it was split between two I made a 10baht profit. 

The taxi driver said the station was heaving and everyone was on their way to Chiang mail when we arrived I realised what he was saying. The Chiang Mai platform was over full and he said all tickets had sold out. For a millisecond I actually felt fortunate to have booked with Bamba and had prebooked my transfer. I would have perhaps not have been able to make it without them. 

This bus was nicer than the last but there was no included meal or biscuits and water. I was early for the bus which meant I could choose a seat. I thought I had chosen wisely until someone with the stench of BO sat in front of me. It was dire. 


When we finally got to Chiang Mai I got a taxi with three other girls who got off at various points. I felt like I was replaying my first Bangkok experience. As our hostel is on the Saturday market road they couldn’t drop me off so I had to walk through the crowds to find my hostel. 

When I finally got there the girls had already dropped their stuff off and had gone on a walk somewhere. I decided it was a great opportunity to call my friends who were all together this weekend. Nat will hate me for this print screen but it just shows how ugly, sweaty and tired I look and how much of a ‘just woke up look’ nat has due to the time difference. 

Saturday Market

When the girls got back we decided we would venture out to the market to grab some dinner. Every market I have been to has been impressive and I think this one definitely didn’t disappoint. 

I ate so much! I first of all started with a rice sausage, it is what the name is. A sausage shaped rice stick thing, but it tastes of sausage- strange. I then got some chicken and some egg in a boat shape. To finish I had a fruit smoothie (no sugar to ,ale myself feel better). When we lost Dani me and Coral ended up buying a sugar toast on a stick and a mini cheesecake to share- whoops! 


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