Chiang Mai to Bangkok – day twenty nine

Lack of sleep

Last night after the bazaar market the girls decided to meet these guys they had met earlier in the day. I had promised to FaceTime my friend from home so gave it a miss. By the sounds of things these guys were 30+ year olds who worked at the deeja hostel for years and had left their lives in England for Thailand. To me that’s alright but the fact they wanted to hang out with 18-22 year olds made me think they were going through a midlife crisis and I didn’t want to be apart of it. 

I went to bed around 11.20pm and struggled to sleep. When I finally started to doze off I was woken by the girls coming back. I could hear a guy talking and they were struggling to get the door open. I got up and helped them in to find Coral, the younger girl, dead weight, being held up by a random guy. She went straight to the blocked toilet and was sick multiple times. After around 30 minutes of stroking her back and holding her hair we moved her to the bottom bed. As soon as she hit the pillow she was out (which was great for her), but I was so worried she wasn’t breathing I kept having to chec her pulse for reassurance throughout the night. Anyway, it’s made me realise that maybe I have become a bit more boring. That was me 4 years ago but not now. It took me back to the days of six form house parties, and my step brothers wedding. I mean I get drunk in style but I don’t think I’d allow myself to get like that abroad and with friends who aren’t close friends. Anyway, to conclude this section, I was shattered from my shit nights sleep and I feel rather old and boring so I’m glad I’m on the move again.

Flight mistake 

I thought I had to be out of the hostel around 10am as my flight was at 12pm, annoyingly when checking in online I found out the flight had been changed to 3pm. Although this might seem lucky, at the time I found it unfortunate because I hadn’t made any plans for my extended day in Chiang Mai. 

The girls I’ve travelled with are going up to Pai for a couple of days so they left the hostel at 11am. I looked online for things to do but there werent any half day tours or cooking classes which started past 10am and finished before 1pm. For example, the Grand Canyon, or the mountain trek. 


After catching up on the news and saying goodbye to the girls I decided to go to a quirky cafe for lunch where I could read and bumble around for a bit. It was called Dada Kafe and was a 25 minute walk from Deeja hostel. 

The place was really cute with hanging objects and fairy lights. They served a mixture of healthy food and smoothies. As soon as my eyes saw peanut butter I didn’t want anything else. I bought a peanut butter smoothie and an omelet on whole meal toast. Both were really tasty but some how I didn’t feel sufficiently full. 

On my walk back I decided to ask the taxi men how much it would be for a ride to the airport. The hostel said it would b around 100-150baht. The first taxi man said 150 and the second said 120. I decided that 120 would be a fair and fine price so I went back to collect my bag. Upon leaving the hostel I saw a newly parked taxi. I asked him how much and he said 100baht straight away. If I was on the ball I could have bartered lower considering that was his starting price but I was just too exhausted to play taxi tennis price. 

Refill now hostel 

I got my transfer with ease and no hassle. There was one wrong turning by the driver but I arrived to the hostel safe and sound. To my surprise the man at the front desk said I was not booked in for tonight but was for tomorrow. The situation was soon rectified when I showed him my reference code on hostel world. After checking in I said it seemed very quiet and he just said yes I was the only one there. When he left I had a little cry and then picked myself up. I was sad and frustrated but I didn’t want to loose hope. 

I spent the night researching my future hostels and whether it was work moving to better locations and places that Bamba hadn’t recommended. I haven’t booked very far in advance and all of the places so far are in an ok location so I am keeping my fingers crossed this is just a one off. The receptionist explained we were far out fro, the city and that I would need to get the BT’s sky train to get to ABC tours for the next morning. After making notes I decided to retire for bed. 



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