Chiang Mai – day twenty eight

Thai massage

We looked on TripAdvisor to see where was good to go for a massage and it turns out a really good place to go was a wo,ends correction centre. This is where women who are in prisons go to gain skills befor being released back into the ‘real world’ when their time is up. 

We were given an appointment at 11.45 but was already 11.15 and we hadn’t eaten when we were given our slots. We rushed to a restaurant found on tripadvisor, called Taa-Peng-Cat which was close enough and was also on TripAdvisor to be one of the top places in Chiang Mai for breakfast. It was a shame we had to rush it because it was so tasty.

The massage was great. I spent most of my time thinking about what crime they had commit to have put themselves in this situation but my train of thought was always interrupted by pain of the massage. Thai massage is meant to be fairly rough and I left feeling like I had a sports massage with many clicked bones. I would recommend this place to anyone though. It was a good cause, good massage, and good price- 200Bht for 1 hour!

3D art museum 

I have done a fair amount of research into Chiang Mai and one thing that took my eye was the 3D art museum. They paint scenaries onto the walls which make it look like you are in certain location. Some were more impressive than others but it was a lot of fun overall. I definitely preferred being the photographer, directimg people where to put their hair and how to position their arm. I felt so uncomfortable being the other side of the lense though. Safe to say I can cross modelling off the future career options. 

Taste from Heaven vegan and vegetarian restaurant

We were raveshing after the museum so retired to a vegan restaurant for a very late lunch. The last girl I had met in Chiang Mai recommended this place and one of the girls I was with at the time was vegan so I was happy to eat there. My salad was their special. It was really tasty. I’ve never been a taker to spice but since coming away I’ve really enjoyed the spicy dishes. Perhaps it’s a different kind of spice fro, home but I’ve been able to eat ,walks with two chilli signs and still enjoyed it…despite the runny nose. 

Night bazaar place

We didn’t intentionally walk all the way from our hostel to the bazaar place but we ended up getting all the way there by foot. We didn’t stay too long but we were able to get a feel for the place and grab a fruit smoothie. The markets have all been extensive and impressive but I didn’t think this matches the vibe you get from the Sunday market. Still good price and variety of stock but the atmosphere just isn’t the same as when we were in the street the following day. It started to rain when we were there so we grabbed a tuctuc back to the hostel. 


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