Chiang Mai- twenty four 

Elephant food 

The morning was quickly taken away by the task of ‘elephant food’. It’s strange to think I was happy with that task, but anything was better than corn. This task involved washing the vegtables and fruit for the elephants and then chop them up. Unfortunately the rice is Cooke in the morning and then shaped into balls in the afternoon so that ‘fun’ task was not available for us. Instead we passed along watermelons down our human line into a massive tub of water where we scrubbed off the dirt and pesticides and then stacked them ready for the stafff to chop and prepared.

After finishing the pile of watermelons we did the same with the heap of pumpkins. Elephants eat 10% of their body weight and they weight a hell of a lot so when you think you’re nearly done you have probably only done enough for a few elephants.

Another bonus of doing elephant food, on top of not being covered of shit or getting sweaty under the sun is that you can feed the elephants that need help at the end. 

Other animals at the conservation

We had an hour before lunch sp we decided to go on a walk. We were interrupted by a water buffalo who came up to us and started to rub against us. We weren’t quite sure what was going on until someone said it was ok and we were safe. They named her boiler. Apparently her mother rejected her when she was born so the people here took her in and fed her milk and water. Violet now thinks she’s a human.

Elephant walk

After lunch we had the rest of our elephant walk as t was cut short the other day because of the storm. This was probably the best task out of them all because we just walked around and saw the elephants and listened to their story and why they had been rescued. 

The one in the photo had been rescued from logging. As their previous mahouts had stabbed them so much with their stick the elephant had a hole in its ear, which they now put a flower in it. 

The baby elephant was born here and so has one mother, two sister and two nannys. Apparently it is very mischevious and when we were there it kept walking up to the visitors. Whenever that happens we have to move quickly because the mother, sister and nanies are very protective and would swing and kick. 

Mahout entertainment

In the evening the mahouts performed. They were great entertainment. They played plastic tubes which sounded similar to the recorder, and some drums made out of plastic and metal bins. 


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