Chiang Mai- day twenty three

Shit shovelling

Today we were shovled shit in the morning. However, today’s work seemed a lot less traumatic than the past two days. Maybe it was because we were more mentally prepared for what was to come or maybe it was because we had a rubbish day picking corn yesterday so pooper scooping didn’t sound all that disappointing! 

Dog walk

We got round the park pretty quickly which meant we had longer to chill before lunch. As the elephant conservation doesn’t just rescue elephants, the park has a cat kingdom filled with homeless cats and a ton of dog kennels. With ample time before lunch me and Coral took some of the dogs for a walk. Mine was called Russ and hers was called Midnight. My dog had a poorly foot but was nearly able to be let free in the park again. 

It made me miss my dogs a bit but it definitely gave me my dog fix. It was kind of strange just walking them down a straight road and having to turn around when told so by a sign…

Cleaning the park

In the afternoon we were asked to clean the park again. This involved picking up more poo and bambo. It sounds like a crap job (literally… badumdumchhh) but it was actually one of the best because you get so close to the elephants and you don’t feel guilty being in their space because you are helping them out. 

The highlight was definitely watching two elephants from one hurd covering themselves with mud. Our volunteer told us this was their way of protecting themselves against the sun. 

Bathing the elephants

At the end of the day we were allowed to bathe the elephants. I made sure they were the ones that couldn’t see or capable to do it themselves. They stand in the water whilst they eat the watermelon but as soon as they’ve finished their tub and they’ve cooled down they walk out and want nothing to do with the water or you. 


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