Bangkok to Chiangmai – day nineteen


My transfer is at 10.15am so I set my alarm for 8.15am to give myself a chance for a shower, to pack my bag and to grab some breakfast. I was tempted to eat st really close by place but decided I could spend less money if I ventured out further, so I did.

I found a place which did porridge and banana for 60baht and tea for 40baht. To my disappointment the food matched the price. The porridge was tasteless with chucks of banana randomly poked in and the tea was nuke warm and tasted of lime scale. I was served by a transsexual- the first one I had seen since arriving here. She was dressed very feminine with makeup and jewllerey but he stubble was beginning to poke through her upper lip and her hands were very large. It reminded me of the song my Dad used to play me, called “Lola”.


I got my transfer from hotel a little early. The man was waiting for me inside the hotel and was very happy to see me. He was very sweet and spoke a fair amount of English but I couldn’t fully understand him. He said something about TD122, a table top on Chiangmai mountain, a building which will be ready in 6 years time and his family who live in Chiang Mai which he goes to visit every 4 months for 4 days. His next trip over is on the 31st of December. I really wanted to tip him but my main money was locked away in my large luggage and I only had 100Baht to spare. Although that’s not much, it was too much to give him as that could have been a whole day’s worth of food! 

I was fairly early for my plane which meant I had time to grab a coffee and get some reading done. I haven’t read much so far because it’s been so full on but I hope when I’m travelling more on buses etc I will get more chance. 

Chiang mai

When I arrived at the hostel I decided to check out where the elephant office was because I had to be there for 7.30am the following day. I had chosen counting sheep hostel because it was close by but I forgot how nice it was. The hostel is pristine. Anyway the office was a 5 minute walk and when I got there she told me that I needed to be there for 9am, not 7.30am… it’s lucky I checked! I walked a different way back to get more of a feel for Chiang Mai. It’s beautiful. I really didn’t like Bangkok all too much but I didn’t get the best experience of it as I didn’t meet people but already just being here an hour I feel a lot happier.

The temples here look a lot more modern in the respect of glamour. The very few I have seen I far have been glistens and tiled with beautiful gold and silvers.

Sunday night market

When the sun went down the taxi driver told me to check out the night Sunday market. I’ve been to so many of these markets I didn’t think too much of it but my gosh am I glad I went. The Muslim quarters in Xi’an was great for food but this had bits of everything. We had spring rolls and pad Thai, coconut ice cream, smoothies, coconut water etc. I bought some trousers for the elephant sanctuary for 140baht. I should have bought some shorts but didn’t want to rush into anything. 

At 6pm everyone stood still. After realising what was going on we did the same and then everyone started to sing. The national anthem was being played. The girls I was with said this happened at 6pm the previous day as well. 

At around 7.20pm everyone stood still again, but this time the lights of the stalls switched off and candles were light. The anthem wasn’t played but something else. Everyone seemed very sad and said a prayer at the end. I can only assume this was to do with the kinds death. I felt rude and ignorant to ask questions. 


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