Bangkok – day eightteen 

Woke up at 10am as I arrived very late at the hotel. I decided I would have an easy day and my three main aims were to one go to the swimming pool, withdraw some money and get some laundry done. 


I’ve been avoiding washing my clothes as I never stay long enough in one place for it to dry. As it is currently over flowing I’ve got to get it done by the kg. The laundrette wash was ‘express’ which meant it would be ready in the evening. I couldn’t believe the price of it- 400baht: £9.40. I thought Thailand was meant to be cheap but according to their laundrettes they are equal to China! 

After dropping my clothes off and getting cash out I decided to sit down at a restaurant and get some breakfast. Everywhere on the street has English food and I really wanted to go for some Thai straight away but it felt wrong eating a green curry at 11am. Instead I opted for French toast and a fresh orange juice. In china it was normal to eat rice and noodles at breakfast but I’m not sure what the norm is here in Thailand. Everyone around me seemed to be eating scrambled eggs and toast so I thought I’d play safe. All I know so far is that most things on the street food is very cheap and Thailand offers a lot of fruit fruit and veg- something China and Hong Kong lacked! 

Swimming pool

So far on my journey I haven’t been able to sunbathe or ‘catch a tan’. We say that in inverted quote marks because I don’t tan, in the slightest. However, I do enjoy lying in the sun and listening to music. After all the exercise and madness in china and Hong Kong I thought I deserved it. 

Walk around the block
I think because I feel secluded from other travellers in this hotel I don’t feel very comfortable walking around on my own. With a tour guide they tell you what the buildings and sights are but when you are a solo traveller in a hotel you have to work out everything yourself. Even for example the top sights in the area. The hotels won’t provide this information unless you ask them. 

So after some debate with myself I thought I would give the block a go and see how I felt. I walked down my road which is called Koh San Road it is famous for its night market and day market. They sell all sorts, from clothes to massages. I couldn’t resist buying some fruit. 

There were loads of people on the steeets wearing black and moaning the kings death. At this moment I realised I was wearing all white and cream and felt very disrespectful. I looked further in the distance and saw others wearing lighter colours howdever and decided to proceed with my wall. The further I got along the road the more decorations I saw for the king. 

The thing I found most strange was the mass of police all around these quiet crowds of people and blocked off roads. The crowds were not noisy, they weren’t being rebellious or drunk etc so I couldn’t understand why there were police all around them.

Anyway so whilst stopping at each landmark (well from what I thought was a landmark based on the map I had looked at before I left and by judgement) I realised Thai people in general are very smiley. Smiley in a way that felt sincere and not forced or creepy. I then realised I wasn’t actually scared of being on my own, walking somewhere I didn’t know in a place I had never been. Thinking about it I think I’ve felt more scared in my home town than here. I’m sure the atmosphere is very different at night but I don’t feel like I’m stupid or anymore aware of my surroundings when it’s night so I reckoned I would be fine at night if I wanted to go out and explore some more. 

As for the places I saw today I couldn’t really tell you but I hav pictures of them and their names. One thing I can add however is that apparently the streets are closed for the morning of the king and the police are out to help slow down the city. , not the people. . I learnt this by a man who walked past ,e and asked were I was from. Like any solo traveler you would first be sceptical but he had such a genuine s,ole like most of the other people here that I stopped and chatted. He worked st the temple and explained everyone wis wearing black for a month and officials In government have to stay in black for 100 days. He then went on to explain I had just missed the grieving at the temple and it was closed, however I could go back tomorrow but recommended I wore something darker!

When I got back I FaceTimed my sister. It was so nice to see her beautiful face again. Technology is such a wonderful thing. We mattered away like we would at home. She was doing her makeup and I was just cloutpched on the hotel bed. Although we aren’t with each other it comes very close to it. 

Street food 

I went out for street food tonight, I had been avoiding it in China because I could see the meat and rice being left outside in the air which couldn’t have done my stomach any good. The reason I chose to eat street food tonight was 1) laundry was expensive and food here is ridiculously cheap 2) the vendor I chose was really busy and so all the produce hadn’t been sitting around for ages.

I had pad Thai with egg and a vegetable spring roll. It was delicious. It makes me question how long I’ve lasted so long eating bland English food and not get bored or it!

As it was only 7.45pm when I had eaten I ventured along the street and decided to treat myself to a foot massage. It was 30 minutes for 130baht- around £3.40. 

The woman even added a little shoulder and back massage at the end. My plan was to get some fruit from a stall but when I left the shop it started to thunder down with rain. I ran straight back to the hotel and call it a night. 


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