Hong Kong – day fifteen


This is the first day we have not had anything scheduled. We thought we would try tick off some of the top stuff in Hong Kong so we grabbed a tube to prince Edward to a few of the many markets in Hong Kong. We started at the bird market. This is apparently the place where people who own birds bring them to allow them to socialise, as well as themselves. 
It seemed really sweet from the outside but then when we entered it seemed less and less appealing. There were loads of birds in staked cages ready for purchase. 

As well as birds there were crickets and feed for the birds stored in seethrough bags.

The second market we went to was the flower market. It was easy to find because the closer you get to the street the more men you see holding bouquets. Either Hong Kong has a lots of romantic men, or a large amount of men who are in the dog house. 

The flowers were incredible. So many varieties and colours. The orchards and lillies were the most impressive.

After the flower market we crossed a few roads to get to the pet market, also known as the fish market. I really didn’t enjoy this street and only went into one shop before I refused to go in any more. I’ve watched Disney films where they show pets in boxes on streets and I’ve seen rabbit ps in large cages in the U.K. but nothing could have prepared me for this. 

The further up the street we got the worse it became. The turtles looked like they were trying to climb on top of each other to try and escape.

The frogs looked like they were doing the same. 

For lunch we went to a vegetarian place ordered from the deal menu which is all written in Chinese. The waitress was shocked because we weren’t ordering off the English menu. Google translate was the thank.

After lunch we went back to our hoteland grabbed our luggage and checked into our next hostels.  We had agreed to meet at the tram line at the bottom of the viewing point. We thought it would be nice to watch the sunset over the city and then watch all the lights and billboards switch on one by sunset didn’t provide much colour but the light switch on made the view worth waiting for.

Hong Kong seems like a friendlier place than most places in Chin. The main reason is language barrier so I guess it is harder to speak to strangers in China, but the public would stop to help without even asking her,  whereas in china you spent 15 minutes finding someone who could speak English before finding out if they wanted to help.


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