Longji to Hong Kong – day fourteen

Today is another travelling day. As much as I hate travelling days I’m kind of glad it falls today as the weather is rubbish and last night it chucked it down so I got very little sleep. 

I decided it would be logical to wear shorts and flip flops on our walk down to the bus pick up because my trainers have holes in them and would be difficult to dry and if I wore trousers with my flip flops I would get the back bits very dirty. 

When we arrived at the station we had an hour to kill so everyone decided this was an opprortunity to get food. Everyone opted for KFC but I refused and decided to try a Chinese fast food place. It was still early so I tried to get something which would meet my breakfast needs. All in all it wasn’t too shabby and I actually think I would have preferred this to KFC!

The fast train we were on today reached 300kmph… even faster than the last one! When arriving in Hong Kong we had to cross the boarder and then catch the metro to the hotel in Yau Ma Tei . 

By the time awe had arrived it was late and so we quickly changed and went out for dinner.We walked down the main road to Victoria harbour to watch the light show at 8pm.

The light show, in all honesty, was boring and uninteresting. For the first 5 minutes the voice over showed out all of the sponsors in Chinese. The buildings light up and changed according to the speed of the music. It didn’t tell a story, just a load of flashing lights. Maybe I just had high expectations because as I didn’t know what to expect but overall I didn’t really enjoy it. 

Although I didn’t enjoy the light show I still thought the skyline at night was impressive. It kind of reminded me of Sydney but the buildings were different shapes. 

We decided to take the star ferry over to the other island and go to the soho district for drinks. I was shocked at the price. Although we were warned Hong Kong was expensive I didn’t realise it was going to be £7ish for 1 beer! Safe to say I had one glass of wine and that was it. 


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