Longji – day thirteen

Trek around the city 

Today was over a 15 mile walk around the rice terraces from Ping’an terraced fields to Dazhai village. It was great to get out of the touristy sections and see the area in its natural beauty. 

Many of the locals have moved to the city to earn more money and therefore not all of the rice terraces originally built have been maintained. 

The two viewing points are called ‘Nine dragons and five tigers’ and ‘seven stars around the moon’. Like the cave a couple of days you really had to use your imagination to invisage the titles. 

Tourism is fairly high in the villages so the government pays the locals to maintain the rice terraces nearby. The locals who live there have their own language and culture. The ladies all have really long lushess black hair. Even the woman over the  age of 60 had hair longer than their body and were still jet black. Apparently they bathe their hair in the streams running down the village and this is how it maintains its colour and strength. I didn’t get a picture of them washing their hair because they make you pay but I did sneakily took a picture of a lady knitting. As you can see her hair is wrapped away as they rely on picture taking and home made products for income.

They had been harvested a couple of weeks before we had arrived and that why they looks a bit dull. The black marks are from where they have set fire the the remaining rice which had not been harvested. It is not a sustainable method but our guide did not seem to think the locals will every change their methods. 

When we got to the bottom of the village we needed to get the shuttle but back up. I am not kidding but I genuinely feared for my life. The bus driver was obviously very familiar with the roads but my god it was not acceptable driving. He was going at least 35mph around the sharp bends which curved around the hills. It was terrifying. 


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