Xi’an to Yangshuo – day nine

Terracotta Army 

The Terracotta Army was built for the first emperor of imperial system. He defeated 6 kingdoms in 221bc and unified the whole of China with one central government. He believed in law and violence and therefore wasn’t very liked due to using force through his army. He made his people make the wall, he made one million people make his tomb and his Terracotta Army to protect it. It took 38 years for the tomb to be built. This was however a risky move by the government to get people together to make such things as they were more easily able to rebel by mass. 10 years after the emperor died rebellion took place. The uprising farmers invaded the army and stole their weapons, and therefore there are less weaponry artefacts in the tomb today.  

It’s a miracle the warriors are still here today. The new dynasty burnt down the old one, the books, the buildings etc. It’s therefore hard to study and understand 2000 years ago in china but this discovered proves a backbone. For example due to this discovery we know the weapons were covered in a thin coat of acronjan, which helps rusting and erosion. Another example is that the horses don’t have stirrups, which shows they had not been invented by that time. 

In my head I imagined to enter the rooms and be overwhelmed by the mass of soldiers, but there was actually only around 500 which had been restructured and put back together. As they had only been discovered in 1974 they are still piecing pieces together. 
The army was still impressive but my expectations had been miscalculated by the images on google. There were 3 outs to visit. Pit 1 is the largest.

Pit 3 has the crouching soldier and general which you can view up close.

Pit 2 has the generals and some horses on display. 

The mostly enjoyed looking at the close up soldiers because it was there where I was able to appreciate the intricate detail on each piece. You were able to see the detail on the stands of hair or the grips to the bottom of the shoes. Some say if you look close enough you can see the lines in the palms of their hands. Architects say no two faces are the same and so some believe the army is the replica of the emperors actual army. 
Home stay lunch 

For lunch we went to a local homestay. The food was the best we have had. We had a mixture of dishes, varying from sweet and sour chicken to stuffed aubergine. 

Before we left the chef came out to thank us. Since the discovery the locals were forced to move out their homes. Although it must have been difficult to move, they have flourished through this transition due to tourism. They were provided with new homes nearby and have increased their earnings by providing food and accommodation for visitors. 

Flight to Yangshuo 

We had an afternoon flight to yangshuo and then a bus transfer to our hotel. 

The roads were horrific as they are rebuilding them. We were on a pot holed road for around 2 hours in the dark as sun had set but the time we had landed. 


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