Song Shan to Xi’an- day seven 

Song Shan National Forest Park 

Today we got the cable car up to the Song Shan National Forest Park. We decided to trek to the suspension bridge which would take us about an hour and a half to get there. Unsurprisingly there were loads of stairs to get there, but surprisingly it only took us fortyfive minutes to hit the bridge. 

The scenery again was incredible. I’m definitely going to get bored of saying incredible by the end of this trip, but the scenery was fantastic. The rock structures were Game of Thrones like. 

The mixture of colours amogst the trees made me want to paint there and then. 

It was a breath of fresh air, literally, because Beijing had been so polluted and because we were in and amongst the clouds when we got to the bridge. It was not what I expected, and surpassed all expectations (not that I had too many to begin with as I hadn’t done much research but I’m so pleased we went). 

When arriving back at the hotel I saw a man that lived where we were staying. The way he was sat and looked really told a story so I asked if I could take a picture. He immediately got up and started to do Kung fu positions one after the other. 

Fast train 

In the afternoon we grabbed a fast train to Xi’an. I’ve been on many trains and fast ones, but not like this one. We must have been travelling at least 200mph! 


For dinner we went to a place who offered a hot pot system where you choose your stick of vegetables or meat and then you put it into a hot pot to boil in the water. It was a bit more challenging because our group had vegetarians in it so we couldn’t do it the traditional way and put everything in to boil together (off the sticks) but we still enjoyed doing something different. 

P.s. I’ve been SO impressed at how pristene public areas have been. Considering how polluted the country is I can’t believe how clean the streets are. Everywhere you go there are people sweeping the streets, people collecting leaves, watering plants etc. The train station was no exception, the floors were immaculate. I’m sure my Dad would have been impressed.


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