Song Shan- day six

Shaloin temple

We got up early and travelled from Luoyang to Song Shan. Here we went to the shaloin temple- the home of Kung Fu. 

We first queued to watch a Kung fu show. As I’ve previously said, the Chinese don’t like to queue, but my goodness they are ruthless. Our guide told us to queue early so that we could get good seats, however he didn’t tell us that when the doors opened there was going to be a stampede. It was an experience, but one I don’t wish to repeat. We had to run to grab a seat and also run to make sure we weren’t squished! The show was very impressive and entertaining… it was worth the elbow shoving. 

After the show we walked around the Shaloin temple. It was built in the 1495, making it 1521 years old. The gottos were built in 1493, making it 28 years younger. I feel rude saying it but most of the Chinese temples I have been to seen so far pretty similar with the same type of decoration. Our tour guide said although they look similar there are typically three branches of buddism. Chinese Buddhism (zen), Tabet Buddhism (Lamism), and Southern Buddhism. The Lama temple I saw on my first day in Beijing was a tabet branch. This temple is from the Chinese branch. 

Kung Fu

After lunch we did a Kung fu session with a master and his student (who was a professional). We learnt two routines and combined them. It was so much fun! It was so great to stretch and use all my muscles too. Although we’ve been active everyday I don’t feel like I’ve been using as many muscle groups as I would if I had been going to the gym at home, but after this session I definitely felt it- which was great! We were in and amongst the mountains when we had our session, and all I could think about was how fortunate the kids were and what an opportunity it was for them.

After our session another master teaching Kung fu to a younger group of kids came over and asked for us to have a photo with them. I felt SO broody. They were adorable. Looking back, I wasn’t shocked when the master asked us for photos, so I guess I’m used to feeling like an outsider now.


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