Luoyang- day five

Sleeper train

We arrived at the Luoyang at 7.30am. We were all pretty tired from our journey but again wanted to make the most of the day. We didn’t have many options for breakfast at the station so our guide took us to a local restuarant that made one type of dish- noodles. The only item that could be catered to preference was the amount of beef you wanted in the noodles. I was sceptical at first but I actually really enjoyed noodles for breakfast, it strangely felt homely, and I felt like I was getting a proper taste and experience of China as many locals were eating here. 

Longmen grottoes

We travelled two hours to visit the Longmen grottoes. The grottoes overall took 400 years to build. There are over 100,000 buddhas from the west to east side.

The biggest Buddha is 7 meters in height and it took 300 years to calve. I thought the Buddha in the lama temple was big but this was humongous.

Most of the Buddhas are not complete and for most of them the heads were missing. Our guide said this was because it is the most important thing to the structure and so when people used to visit they would try to chip the head off and sell them to museums over the world.


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