Beijing to Huairou- day three

The Great Wall of China 

I didn’t realise the wall was split into loads of different sections. In my head I imagined to it be a wall which all met together but how wrong I was. Some sections of the wall are original, some are partly rebuilt and others are completely refurbished. We started climbing (and when I say climbing I also didn’t realise how up and down the wall was. There’s lots of stairs…) in the area closest to Beijing. Each viewing post was numbered. We started from 6 and went to 1 which had the best view. 

We then trekked from 1 to 20 which was all fully refurbished and therefore was the most touristy. Although it was all reburbished the climb was tough under the sun. 

Me and Jamie made a joke about not stopping from the view post 19-20 which was the steepest section of the reburished area. Stupidly we stuck by it and did it.  My quads felt like they were made of steal by the end of it… worse pain then leg day. 
When reaching the top we grabbed some water and waited for the rest of the group to catch up. After buying a bottle of water from a lady at the viewing post I noticed the bottle lid popped when I opened it and the plastic bottle was quite scratched from the outside. I was very sceptical but due to the language barrier I couldn’t ask questions. Instead I watched her for a while. I saw her discretely filling empty plastic bottles with water from a larger bottle and then going around trying to sell them. Half of me felt angry I had been ripped off and I had wasted 10yuan on water I wasn’t going to drink, but the other half of me thought she’d had been really entrepreneurial. 

We then continued our trek from 21-24 which was mixed original and rebuilt. Then from 25-34 was the original wall. The further we went the more difficult it got as less and less people have trekked and made marks on the path. 

Before getting off the wall we took 30 minutes to watch the sun set and appreciate the view. I’ve not seen a view quite like it. 

After the wall we went to homestay owned by a man called Mr Zhao. In the 1980s he helped to rebuild the closest section of the wall to the home stay . We had dinner and made dumplings. They were more difficult to perfect then I’d first imagined. 


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